Consultancy on neeDesign products

Furniture consultancy for the products present in our ecommerce.
Evaluation and definition of customized products through the choice of materials, shapes and sizes to coordinate them well with the existing environment.
Design of integrated spaces through the creation of graphic designs.
Send us a photo and information of your existing environment or contact us and we will be happy to offer you support on how to create your ideal space with neeDesign products.
Decorative panel "Lines of force
Wall decoration "HO-O"
Seat"A thousand miles Super"

"Empire" floor lamp

"Pied de poule" wall decoration

" Candy" armchair

"Egea" lamp

Photographic print "Interno con figure, studio LXIX "

Pannello Decorativo - Linea di ForzaImage Map
Consulting, design and construction of private living spaces and commercial spaces:
hotels, restaurants, shops.
Preliminary concept
Executive drawings for production
Supplier management
Delivery and assembly

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