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Never before have we needed to feel at ease in the domestic space.

It is in this long and particular period of restrictions that we realize how important it is that the house responds to the needs and desires of those who live there. This new lifestyle dictated by new unconventional ways of connecting with colleagues, friends, school and family, sports, hobbies in free time has created the need to revise our living spaces. The quality of a living space is essential to obtain an improvement on the quality of our life and our psycho-physical well-being.


The house has therefore become a bit of an office, a bit of a school, a bit of a gym, a bit of a play or relaxation space, a bit of a hobby area.


The pandemic has accelerated a trend that had already been underway for some time: the new types of homes integrate flexible spaces and diversified needs in a more functional way.

This new reality has forced us to change: those who already have large rooms and must organize them in the best possible way, those who have the economic possibility and choose to change their home, those who have to review the existing spaces:

  • Add objects to the home environment that define the spaces or complete the space according to your needs: lights, containers, decorations, objects.
  • Integrate with furnishing accessories in a dedicated space or imposed by needs
  • To totally renew the environment according to new needs.
  • To revolutionize dedicated spaces and create new environments with demolition and construction of new walls to create new living spaces enriched with decorative elements, handmade objects and multifunctional accessories.


The questions we ask ourselves are therefore:

I can get a hobby room or a second bathroom It is possible to gain an extra room How can I optimize space and create a corner dedicated to the home office Or integrate with a treadmill or an exercise bike It is possible to add a dining table without having to remove additional play space or relaxation area Where can I place the wall decoration I like What type of lamp can I buy in the relaxation area where there is only a Murano glass chandelier to coordinatedinare?

This is the time to contact a professional and ask for advice and discover the potential they hide in the home. It is possible to reorganize the rooms or rely on multifunctional furnishings to obtain precious square meters: review a huge dining table with a contained element in order to obtain space to play, relax or create a dedicated space or for example dedicate a corner in which to train or expand or reorganize the kitchen, a more frequently used environment with the condition of lockdown.


What an opportunity to rely on a service of online advice , a professional architect who interacts with you, largely in the preliminary phase in digital form and allows you to check what your housing needs are, what potential your home offers and your budget to invest.

Because online It will be a quality project. I will have solved my design problemsuto?


If you rely on a qualified and experienced professional, there is no difference between consulting in the studio or online, it is simply a faster channel that adapts to the situation of not having continuous direct contacts and it is therefore possible to reduce unnecessary costs. , such as travel and time saved. However, it is always possible to estimate any required inspection.

Through a video call and graphic drawings defined by a basic package you can evaluate how to orient yourself on your investment and define your Homestyle with a moodboard and a furnished plan of the room.

The moodboard is the concept, the basis of every project. It is a collection of inspirational images that will be the leitmotif of the project, from furnishings, accessories to decorative elements.


If, on the other hand, the customer wants to deepen the design idea, neeDesign offers the possibility to choose other packages, where the possibility is offered to verify the feasibility of the project on site (inspection) and finally, in addition to realistic 3D renderings, to follow the entire production process. from the made-to-measure element to the complete project.

Click on the link to view the online services by neeDesign

When the project takes shape.

It is incredible how a small additional element can change the vision of a wall or an object can change the general appearance of the environment and generate emotions and well-being for those who live in that space or finally be able to obtain an extra space for their needs. can improve the quality of life

A decor on a colored wall. A series of low thickness decorations of various types to be placed on your wall and create a play of colors and shapes and a console that becomes a dining table.


A lamp with warm lighting, coordinated with your environment and comfortable for reading.


A jar resting on the dining table, handmade by an artisan who works with Raku ceramics.


A flexible plan to be able to work, do your homework, to organize an event, for your personal hobby.


A comfortable environment where each element has been studied in detail.

Each project arises from a need, from a social, cultural change, from an event. The architect has the task of reworking these needs and making them concrete.

Relying on an experienced professional with many years of experience in this area is an effective choice that allows you to make the most of your furniture project. A quality project is born, personalized and unique and with attention to the smallest details, from the materials used, to the study of light, to the optimization of the distribution of the elements in the living space.

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