Michele Battaglia, born in Modica in 1955, moved to Switzerland as a young man where, alongside his work, he has cultivated his interest in design and materials over the years. Lover of architecture, he developed his passion for ceramics by following training courses and seminars..
He has been active for several years in Ligornetto in the production of ceramic objects. Specialized in the use of the Raku technique, he has perfected his creative method with practical experience. The particular Raku technique requires that the ceramic objects, still incandescent, are cooled with flammable materials such as wood and paper scraps. A paradox that allows glazes to acquire unexpected colors.i.
The everyday objects created in this way are born from the modeling of a simple sheet of ceramic. The objects created starting from this simple slab acquire volume thanks to a wise use of negative spaces. Even a simple fruit bowl or a vase thus become unique design objects. The philosophy of Michele Battaglia's work is best expressed in this meeting, between simple everyday objects and a complex ceramic technique that allows the creation of unique and unrepeatable effects.
Each work is accompanied by a brochure illustrating the making of each ceramic in its eight main phases and identified with a unique numbering of the piece.
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