Paola Rezzonico

Paola Rezzonico, graphic designer, painter and photographer was born in 1963 in Rolle (VD).
After the Cantonal School of Fine Arts in Sion, he trained at the BES Art School of the University of Bern. Later he embarked on a vast path of expressive research, with studies in screen printing and typography.
Driven by her curiosity, in 2004, she began to be interested in photography. Encouraged by the results obtained, she exhibited her works in various exhibitions and galleries:in 2011 her double solo exhibition at the Photographica Fineart gallery in Lugano.
His works, however, reflect touch upon different expressive techniques and reveal, the innate and learned sense for design, graphics, color and calligraphy art.
In 2007 he explored calligraphic art as an expressive necessity. This path completes Paola's eclectic picture which, over time, acquires more and more ease in passing from one language to another and the consequent contamination between them.
She was a student of:James Clough, Monica Dengo, Yves Leterme, Claire Mosnier, Brody Neuenschwander, Eugenia Roballos, Kitty Sabatier, Anna Schettin, Denise Lach, Anna Ronchi, Marco Campedelli, Thomas Engmier, Laurent Pflughaupt.
Among the last collective events in which he exhibited we remember:
"Segni, Petali e Fiori", Lugano, 8 March 2009 (sale of the book"Donna"in favor of"Casa della Donna");"illegible", Ai Bagni, Stabio (November 2009);"Without net", Caslano Fishing Museum (June 2010);"Every page a story", Cantonal Library of Lugano (October 2012).
Moreover, since 1985, he exhibits regularly and successfully in French-speaking Switzerland, Ticino and Italy.
From 2010 to 2012 she was vice president of the Lugano Photo Club and member of the"Calligraphy in Ticino"Association.
Since 2011 he has lived and worked in Arosio (TI), where he opened his business to the public, founding"Altro, Atelier d'Arte"( www . Paolarezzonico . Ch ) and offering his students courses that touch multiple disciplines, techniques and languages in the field of visual arts.
His path is further enriched when, due to those unexpected life events, he approaches Raku. It is 2014:from the encounter with this technique, which for her is a source of joyful and playful creativity, and from the collaboration with a ceramic artist Barbara Jaccard around the material she opens the ceramic atelier in Arosio where she works clay as self-taught ceramist.
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