Lay Wallivy decorations


Exclusivity and innovation It is neither a panel nor a tile. It is not a coating that completely overlaps the wall, it is a decoration that always allows a glimpse of the wall below. It has a low thickness, only 1 cm, does not protrude compared to the most common skirting boards. They are light, the weight of the decorations varies from 230 to 260 grams depending on the model. Maximum compositional and chromatic freedom.

Wall arrangement

Laying with grid pattern. Laying with free pattern, infinite solutions. The gap between the decorations can be hidden with the grouting or left in evidence by increasing the distance between the decorations. Ability to decorate large surfaces with low costs using a few decorations, free pattern. Possibility of centering the decoration on the wall without necessarily having to go to the ends.

Ease of laying

The whole laying phase does not dirty and does not produce dust. It is possible to avoid grouting the joints by placing the decorations at greater distances from each other. The installation does not require specific skills, the decorations can also be laid by the customer using a specific adhesive with no vertical slip. We recommend SARATOGA THE AMERICAN GLUE or alternatively PATTEX MILLECHIODI It is not necessary to have a helper during the laying phase. Before laying the wall does not require any preparatory work, it must be possibly planar and clean. Possibility of application also on plasterboard walls, wood and other materials with characteristics of stability and flatness. Slight height differences between the decorations can be smoothed out by sanding once the laying is complete. If necessary, the decorations can be cut with small hacksaws. For the application of decorations, small quantities of adhesive are required at low costs. No further fixing with screws and consequent drilling of the wall are necessary. Possibility of application also on the ceiling. In the case of accidental breakage during the laying phase, the decoration, if necessary, can still be applied by filling and subsequently sanding the affected part.


Possibility to extend the decoration over time with other decorations and / or accessories. Coloring The decorations are supplied in the native white color and can be colored before laying or after together with the wall. If preferred, they can be left in white and applied directly to the previously colored wall. Over time, if desired, the decorations and the wall can be colored again.


Any traces of dust can be removed with a duster or vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner. A soft, damp cloth can be used to remove stains.


In the case of removal of the decorations from the wall, there are no particularly demanding and destructive interventions.

The decorations are supplied with a white color. The colors of the decorations used in the product presentation images are to be considered purely indicative. The wooden accessories included in the compositions can be made on request. Dimensions may vary with production tolerances of ± 0.5%. Wallivy decorations are not frost-proof. They are not suitable for outdoor use. They are not suitable for direct contact with water. Wallivy reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to make any changes to the products.